pysyncrosim.library(name, session=None, package='stsim', addons=None, template=None, forceUpdate=False, overwrite=False)

Creates a new SyncroSim Library and opens it as a Library class instance.

  • name (String) – Name of new Library to create.

  • session (Session, optional) – Connects the Python session to the SyncroSim executable. If None, then creates a Session class instance using the default installation path to the SyncroSim executable. The default is None.

  • package (String, optional) – The package type. The default is “stsim”.

  • addons (String, optional) – One or more addon packages. The default is None.

  • template (String, optional) – Creates Library with specified template. The default is None.

  • forceUpdate (Logical, optional) – If False, then user is prompted to approve required updates. The default is False.

  • overwrite (Logical, optional) – Overwrite existing Library. The default is False.


SyncroSim Library class instance.

Return type